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During these difficult times we have decided to offer assistance to help your cash flow and to beat the financial affects of  COVID-19 pandemic. Please call 1300 881 928 for more information. 

Construction Safety Compliance

SWMS  Safe Work Method Statements  Site Safety Plans  Safety Compliance Forms Checklists Registers...

We provide Work Health and Safety compliance documents for principal contractors, builders and sub-contractors working in or associated with the construction industry!

All of our products are Australian State and Territory specific, and assist your business in meeting compliance obligations under the current Work Health and Safety Laws.

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What's inside the SWMS documents? What am I getting for my money?

These are all questions that you need answered before you purchase. Check out our 'SWMS preview' which explains what you get in every SWMS that you buy from us. Remember, we deal with the construction industry daily, and our SWMS are used throughout Australian States and Territories on small, medium and large construction sites. We can provide customised SWMS for your business whenever you need assistance. Just call 1300 881 928 for a WHS consultant and free quote.



If you require site specific Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and other compliance documents, our safety consultants can assist you to make sure that you satisfy the Principal Contractors requirements.  

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