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Risk Assessment & Compliance Management System - Construction Safety Wise

Risk Assessment & Compliance Management System


Our Risk Assessment and Compliance Management system comes with a 60 page instruction manual to assist you with compliance on a daily basis. The manual is packed with Forms, Registers, and Checklists for supervisors, foreman's and managers to carry out their daily or periodical reporting and record keeping for compliance purposes.

Forms, Registers & Checklists include:

  • Site Safety Risk Assessment Checklist (comprehensive hazard ID list)
  • Job Safety Assessment/Analysis (JSA)
  • Risk Assessment (with Risk Matrix)
  • Supervisor Inspection Checklist
  • SWMS BLANK TEMPLATE (Blank Safe Work Method Statement)
  • Pre-Start Meeting Form
  • Toolbox Meeting Form
  • Training Register
  • Site Induction Register
  • Plant & Equipment Register
  • Electrical Plant & Equipment Register
  • Vehicle Register
  • Hazardous Chemical Register
  • Verification of Competency (VOC) Form
  • High Risk Work License Register (cranes, boom lifts(ewp) >11m reach etc.)
  • Incident Report Form 
  • Emergency Equipment Register
  • Personal Protective Equipment PPE
  • Daily Site Register (sign-in/sign-out)
  • Site Contractors Work Register (sign-in/sign-out)
  • Confined Space - Permit to Work
  • Hot Works - Permit to Work
  • Hazardous Manual Tasks – Risk Management Process
  • Hazardous Manual Tasks – Identification Worksheet
  • Hazardous Manual Tasks – Discomfort survey
  • Hazardous Manual Tasks – Risk Assessment Worksheet
  • Hazardous Manual Tasks – Risk Controls
  • Controlling MSD risks through design
  • Compliance Action Required (Action Plan Checklist)

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