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High Pressure Cleaning Equipment SWMS - Construction Safety Wise

High Pressure Cleaning Equipment (Safe Use) SWMS


This SWMS provides a step-by-step compliance procedure for the safe operation of high-pressure cleaning equipment.

Here is a list of compliance content included in this SWMS:

  • A fillable PDF information page is provided where you can add site and task specific details to the SWMS
  • Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) instructions are provided so that workers can easily follow them to revise the SWMS onsite if required.
  • Risk Assessment matrix (risk level chart) is provided and is simple to learn, easy to use and apply when assessing hazards and risks onsite
  • Job/Task Steps - logical and easy to follow step by step job processes are listed throughout the SWMS
  • Potential Hazards Identified – what may cause injury (most common hazards for each task are identified in the SWMS)
  • HRCW – When applicable, the most common high-risk construction work hazards are noted with the required risk controls.
  • Risk Control Measures are listed in an easy-to-follow format to ensure workers can implement the controls effectively
  • Hierarchy of Risk Controls are listed at the top of each page for workers to assess the risks – Eliminate the hazard, Substitute the hazard, Isolate the hazard, Engineering – reduce risk, Administration, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Facility for entering the position/name of the person responsible for monitoring risk controls & reviewing SWMS is provided
  • Risk assessment risk level for each hazard with residual/post control risk level noted (to be reviewed onsite)
  • Worker and public safety procedures are added as required
  • Heat stress and Ultra violet exposure safe work procedures are added when applicable
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Qualifications, Training, and Duties required to achieve and maintain health and safety compliance
  • Induction, Consultation and sign-off Register(form) is provided – this is to record all workers who were consulted and inducted into the SWMS before starting work onsite
  • Methods of monitoring risk controls are included in this SWMS
  • Process for reviewing the risk control measures are provided in this SWMS
  • Review date record facility is provided – to be recorded at your pre-start or toolbox meetings
  • Document control – our SWMS have a document control facility with the specific SWMS document number, issue date, next review date, and Version number so that you always know if you have the correct SWMS and latest version before sending them to clients


Additional benefits that you receive when purchasing our SWMS

  • Unlike many of our competitors, our SWMS are developed specifically for each State and Territory which means that you don’t have to read through huge amounts of generic legislation that is not relevant to your business
  • We diligently monitor legislation changes and ensure that you have the latest compliance codes of practice when purchasing one of our SWMS
  • Our SWMS are easy to fill out on all computers and mobile devices for those who require paperless systems – you can even sign the SWMS on a mobile device (if your device has the required features or Apps installed)
  • Printable PDF – you can print of as many copies as often as you like and keep it looking professional
  • Promote your business – our SWMS allow you to add your own business Logo and promote YOUR business not ours! Just request our free instruction sheet.


Simple and easy to use while giving your SWMS a professional look!

Our SWMS are developed using a fillable PDF format to make sure your documents are quick and easy to fill out. This also means that your documents will keep looking professional when opened on any computer or mobile devise.  To prepare for site, you will need to fill out the site-specific details for each project on the front page, then induct your workers into the SWMS and get them to sign off and date before starting work. You are now ready to start work knowing that your SWMS is compliant!

Because we specialise in construction safety, our SWMS have a high acceptance rate across all Australian states and territories.

Important Safety Note:

Under current legislation, a business owner is responsible for carrying out risk assessments onsite to identify all potential hazards that may harm workers and/or other persons nearby. These hazards should be checked against the hazards listed in the SWMS and all high-risk construction work hazards not listed in the SWMS must be added. Workers are to be informed and should sign off on the revised SWMS before starting work.

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