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Plasterers Safety Pack - Construction Safety Wise

Plasterers Safety Pack


Work Health & Safety Compliance for Residential & Light Commercial Plasterers. Included in your pack is a Site Safety Plan, Compliance Management System and SWMS (Pack of 9).The SWMS have been selected to assist you achieve on site compliance on a daily basis.  

All you have to do is fill out your business and project details, induct your workers and you are READY TO GO!  

Detailed List of SWMS included in the Pack

* Ladders (Safe Use) * Trestles & Planks (Work Platforms) *Mobile Scaffold (Safe Use) * Platform Ladders (safe use) *Wall Framing (Ground Floor) * Steel Wall Framing Construction *Plasterboard Installation & Finishing Work *Hazardous Chemicals (safe use) *Electrical Equipment (Portable).

* Additional SWMS can be purchased individually 

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