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Plumbing rough-in work SWMS

Plumbing Rough-in Work - SWMS


This SWMS covers all common hazards and risk controls associated with Plumbing Rough-in work. Workers are required to be competent in carrying out specific hot works tasks, which may include - welding, grinding, soldering or using an oxy-acetylene. 

This Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is written for the construction industry with easy to follow step by step job tasks with hazard identification and risk control measures for each task when carrying out plumbing rough-in work.


Content included in this SWMS:

  • Site specific SWMS – a fillable PDF information page is provided where you can add site and task specific details
  • Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) instructions and a Risk Assessment matrix (risk level chart) is provided on page 2
  • Hazard identification and risk control measures are provided for every task
  • Access to site
  • Site induction
  • Unloading tools, equipment and materials
  • Hazard identification and Risk Assessment
  • Manual tasks
  • Site clean-up
  • Falls – working at height hazards and risk controls
  • Collision hazards and risk controls
  • Chemical hazards and risk controls
  • Noise hazards and risk controls
  • Slips trips and fall hazards and risk controls
  • Hot works (welding, grinding, soldering)
  • Explosive gas and fire hazards and risk controls
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Public/pedestrian safety


Keeping it simple, effective and easy to use with a professional look!

Our SWMS are developed in a fillable PDF format to make sure your documents are quick and easy to fill out while keeping a stable and professional presentation when opened on any computer or mobile devise.  Once you fill out the site-specific details on the front page, all you need to do is induct your workers and get them  signed off and you’re ready go!

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